About Us

Revolutionary people. Revolutionary fireworks. This is Revolution Pyro.

What We Do

Revolution Pyro specializes in unique fireworks projects and pyromusical displays. If you are looking for an average 4th of July fireworks show, then we are simply not your company. If blowing your audience’s mind with something they have never seen before is on your agenda, then Revolution Pyro is your best choice.

Why We Do It

We love fireworks. A lot. Fireworks is our passion and we want to share that passion with the world. We have been fans of things that go boom our entire lives and we have seen a lot of shows over the years. Time and time again, our conclusion has been that fireworks entertainment can be better. The fireworks industry has fallen into a predictable pattern and we have taken it upon ourselves to revolutionize the way things are done with innovative products, techniques, and presentations.

How We Do It

Simply put, we eat, sleep, and breathe fireworks. It takes a lot of time and energy to put on a truly outstanding fireworks display and at Revolution Pyro, we have made it our life’s work to make sure that every show receives that time and energy. Everything we do is aimed at making fireworks better. From research, to training, to inventing new effects, our dedication to the art and craft of fireworks is limitless. We work closely with our clients to exceed their expectations and expand what they thought was possible with fireworks and pyrotechnic entertainment.

No matter the challenge. No matter the venue. We make fireworks more amazing.  

Our Team

Jim McCullaJim

Jim has been building his own fireworks since he was a baby. His unbridled passion for pyrotechnics is matched only by his encyclopedic knowledge of every fireworks device known to man. With over 35 years of manufacturing experience and 20 plus years of display experience, his explosive intuition is simply unmatched; a point that was made clear by his 2013 PGI Grandmaster and Best First Time Competitor awards. Jim is also a current Vice President of the Heartland Pyrotechnic Arts Association, one of the largest fireworks clubs in the United States. Jim is in charge of project management, logistics, and general awesomeness at Revolution Pyro. In his spare time Jim enjoys skiing, craft beers, and making Christmas trees fly.

Peter Rogoz

Peter has been drawn to things that go boom his entire life. His childhood obsession with fireworks displays has transformed into a relentless pursuit of groundbreaking fireworks design and choreography. His resume includes displays at national fireworks festivals and award winning displays at Pyromania and PGI. As a true fan of fireworks, Peter has had the unique opportunity to work with pyro companies in Europe, Asia, and Africa. His other major fireworks project is www.pyroblog.com, a blog dedicated to his love of all things fireworks. Peter is in charge of design, client relations, and creative direction at Revolution Pyro. His other project is www.pyroblog.com, a site dedicated to his love of all things fireworks. In his spare time, Peter enjoys cooking, fishing, and pretending he knows things about cigars.



Our Crew

Our crew is the best team of pyrotechnicians ever assembled. Each and every member of our staff is dedicated to putting on the best fireworks shows possible. They never shy away from a challenge, and you can trust us when we say we have challenged them. All of our pyrotechnicians are trained according to the highest safety standards in the industry and they are all just as obsessed with fireworks as we are. Our crew comes from all walks of life including school teachers, police officers, and engineers. We even have a dedicated meteorologist.